How to Get Started in the National Park in 5 Easy Steps

Here are are some basic steps to join the Park. While this will help you get started, remember that it is not a substitute for reading the Park Encyclopedia!

1. Join URPG

Sometimes people stumble onto here randomly, and that’s cool! Everyone is welcome. However, in order to participate in the Park, you must sign up in the Starter Requests thread. Here is where you can get your starter Pokemon and all the other goodies we offer for new members.

2. Make a Character Sign-up

Since the Park is a roleplay, that means you’ll need a character to adventure as, which you can sign up for here. This can be your URPG self—but it doesn’t have to be! We have a variety of hunters, ninjas, and contest stars among our character cast, so feel free to get creative.

Try to aim for a paragraph for the personality and description sections, as that will help your Ranger and others know what your character is like. You can also have multiple characters; just add them to your sign-up post and ask a Ranger to double check it.

When you create your first character, you automatically receive 5 Park Balls, a Lava Cookie, a Poke Doll, and an Energy Powder Plus!

3. Obtain Supplies

When you go on a run, you can use the supplies you received from creating your first character (5 Park Balls, a Lava Cookie, a Poke Doll, and an Energy Powder Plus), or if you’d like additional supplies, you can purchase more at the National Park Shop. You can find the Park Shop here. All supplies must be bought before the run begins — the only thing a Ranger sells during the run are Pokedolls. The minimum suggested supplies are 3 Park Balls. That will let you catch most things for the cheapest value.

For runs other than Beginner Runs, the recommended set up is: 3x Park Balls, 2x Super Balls, 1x Hyper Ball. This set would give you the option to catch everything. Extra supplies, like healing items, are up to you. The only necessary items are Pokeballs. Add any items onto your sign-up sheet.

4. Pokemon

Before you enter the Park, you need some Pokemon to go with you. You may bring 2 to a Beginner Run, 3 (each) to an Individual or Team Run, and 4 to an Endurance Run. You may also choose to bring fewer than the cap. When you are starting out, you might find yourself with only one Pokemon. This is totally doable! You can use a Park Run to evolve each of your Pokemon by one full stage, so you should also pick up a second one going in (such as from the Mart, with the free voucher).

Pokemon you bring into the Park also need to have natures assigned to them, which you can list on your sign-up or in your URPG stats. Be careful, as once a mon comes into the Park, that nature is set unless you use an item to change it. All of them have their own quirks that can be fun to roleplay, but some easier beginner natures are Brave and Hardy. A list of natures can be found here.

5. Apply to go on a Run

Once you’ve signed up, bought supplies, and decided which Pokemon to take with you, you’re ready to post at the Front Gate to go on a run. When a Ranger is free, they will accept your run and take you through. We have three areas where we do this: BeginnerIndividual, and Main RPs.

There are also three types of runs: Normal, Endurance, and Team. A normal run costs $2,500 for 5 encounters. You may take 1 captured Pokemon out of the Park. Team runs are the same as individual, only with another Trainer. These may only be done in the Main RP.

Endurance runs cost $3,500, but you get 7 encounters and may leave with 2 Pokemon. No Voice Disks, Repellents, or Honey are allowed on this type of run. These can be done in Individual or Main and may also be in Team format.

And that’s pretty much the gist of it! The other threads have more specific information on how Park mechanics work, but this is a basic how-to in getting started. If you have other questions, be sure to ask any Ranger or post in our General Discussion Thread.