Contest Stats

Stats can’t be used in contests unless a Head or Chief Judge approves of it beforehand.

Active Stats

This system was designed as an add-on for RSE style contests. This style doesn’t require a Trainer to buy anything. All attributes have 8 levels. Coordinators can acquire stats by purchasing Pokéblocks. Different levels impact the appeal round in different ways, so choose carefully. As the Pokéblocks are on a scale of 0-255, they translate with the following table.

Pokéblock value Active Stat value
0-28 0
29-56 1
57-85 2
86-113 3
114-141 4
142-170 5
171-198 6
199-226 7
227-255 8

Coolness is a Pokémon’s ability to maintain its mental state under stress and exude confidence when others would have run out. Every odd rank of Coolness gives a Pokémon a 25% chance to ignore nervousness when it would otherwise succeed. If a Pokémon resists nervousness due to this effect, it is jammed equal to the number of Pokémon that resisted nervousness due to their Coolness (check the normal miss chance for Nervousness first). Every even rank of Coolness lowers the Jamming damage the user takes while in Combo Standby by 0.5 hearts (even if the combo does not, or cannot, complete), but also reduces the (pre-combo bonus) appeal score of the Combo finisher by the same amount to a minimum of 1 heart; the focus required to maintain oneself in a stat of combo readiness is exhausting and leads to the combo’d move being less impressive than normal.

Beauty is a Pokémon’s ability to make itself the center of attention. Every odd rank of beauty gives the user a +0.5 heart bonus for matching the contest attribute with its move (seperate from the standard bonus). Every even rank of Beauty gives the user a 25% chance to boost the crowd level whenever they successfully perform a move that is not incompatible with the contest type. This focus on the Beauty user does lower its offensive contest potential as the focus, even of the other Pokémon, is on the user and not the move, and so each odd rank of Beauty lowers the jamming damage of moves by the user by 0.5 hearts.

Cuteness is a Pokémon’s ability to distract opponents in such a way that it proves difficult targetting the user. Every odd rank of Cuteness lowers the damage of single target Jamming moves by 0.5 heart. Cuteness also enables the user to maintain an “appeal” state when struck with nervousness, gaining them a boost of 1 heart per even rank whenever they fail to move due to nervousness. The Pokemon suffers especially from moves where it’s no longer the primary target, however, making multi-target jamming moves 0.5 hearts per odd rank more effective against the cute user.

Smartness is a Pokémon’s ability to tactically react to the situation at hand. Every odd rank of Smartness gives the Pokemon a +1 ‘priority’ for moves that determine acting positions during the next turn. (This priority means that later moves with less priority will not move the Pokémon from the place designated by the move it used). Every even rank gives a bonus after each successful combo (post-combo bonus itself) of 1 heart, but the amount of focus required leads the Pokemon to be easily distracted, increasing the damage of single-target jamming attacks by 1 heart and multi-target jamming attacks by 0.5 hearts while the user is in Combo Standby for each odd rank of Smartness. (Half hearts are tracked until the end of the turn, but during scoring are not applied unless another half heart completes it.)

Toughness is a Pokémon’s ability to ignore the fatigue of performance. Every odd rank of Toughness is considered 0.5 hearts for determining position in a round (Half hearts here work as normal hearts, a 6 heart mon is faster than a 5.5 heart is faster than a 5.0 heart). Whenever a Tough Pokémon acts, it gains 1 Stamina Point per even rank of Toughness; any time a Pokémon with 5 or more Stamina Points would be jammed, struck with nervousness, or lose condition stars (only when it has condition stars), and no other effect cancels these out, that Pokémon loses 5 Stamina points instead. When a Tough Pokémon’s stamina does falter, however, it does so drastically, causing the Pokémon to be jammed for 1 heart per odd rank of Toughness.